Product description and characteristic analysis of pneumatic parallel double gate valve

Issuing time:2018-04-13 00:00

Gate valves: pneumatic parallel double gate valves:

Gate valve: pneumatic parallel double gate valve is suitable for closed circuit equipment with medium water and sewage. It is not allowed to regulate and regulate flow and emptying. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, power and other industries. In the nominal pressure of less than l.0MPa of steam, water, oil and other media on the pipeline for opening and closing. Our factory can produce pneumatic parallel double gate valve, parallel single gate valve, open rod pneumatic parallel double gate valve, parallel rod single gate valve.

Two, gate valve: pneumatic parallel double gate valve features:

1, when the system works normally, the gate is opened and closed at 1.0m/min uniform speed, and the system shutdown is divided into two stages: fast and slow. The 100-20% opening is fast, and the time is 10 (S). The opening of 20-0% is slow, and the time is 40 (S).

2. It is used for cut-off and check valves at the outlet of the pump. The valve also has a stem locking device. Ensure the safety of operation.

3. Z943T type gate valves are equipped with new electric devices, which can be operated locally and remotely, and can meet the requirements of computer program control. The control is accurate, safe and reliable.

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