What are the matters needing attention in the installation process of gate valves?

Issuing time:2018-04-13 00:00

Installation note 1. check whether there are any impurities in the valve body

In the installation of the gate valve, we must first check the residual impurities in the valve, so as not to clean up the impurities in the installation of the valve, and cause the blockage of the pipe, which affects the function of the valve body and causes the wear of the valve core. And also check whether the valve body and seal damage and stem can not be tilted.

Installation notice 2. installation position should be selected

The choice of gate valve position in installation is also very important to facilitate the user's later convenience operation, generally better near near and can use hand to carry on the rotation operation, so that in the use process can quickly and conveniently open and close gate valve will not appear to be hindered. And when installing, we should pay attention to the landing valve, the best hand wheel should not be tilted upward to operate well.

Installation note 3. attention to the strength of the installation

When installing the gate valve, the user should be cautious in accordance with the properties of different materials, and should pay attention to avoid the excessive strength of the valve and even the leakage of the valve in the installation of the valve.

Precautions for installation 4. pay attention to external protection measures

Some gate valves need certain external protection to ensure the quality of the valve, for different use of different enterprises have different heat preservation or cooling measures to implement, like some enterprises are all the way heating steam will have very high temperature, can do some temperature protection measures accordingly. In some cold winter, we need to do some warming measures to prevent freezing. Some pipes conveying cold liquids need to carry out the implementation of cold preservation measures.

The above is the related items that the gate valve should pay attention to during the installation and use of the valve. The valve can play a good performance after installation, and the standard installation is very important. So the user should pay attention to the most correct installation method in addition to the best gate valve. The disabled valve is used well.

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