Analysis of the policy of the valve industry

Issuing time:2018-04-13 00:00

The valve enterprise should face the challenge and seize the opportunity, strengthen the ability of independent innovation, adjust the product structure of the enterprise, improve the product's scientific and technological content and the quality of the product from time to time, improve the comprehensive competitive ability of the enterprise comprehensively, and make the enterprise occupy the active position in the fierce market competition and the demand of various industries.

Insisting on scientific and technological progress and innovation as an important support to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development.

We must persist in building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as an important point in accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development. We should thoroughly implement the basic state policies for conserving resources and maintaining the environment, save energy, develop circular economy, promote low-carbon technologies and take the road of sustainable development.

In the period of "11th Five-Year", most industries have already felt the pain of the transformation. The energy saving and consumption reduction of the "sluice gate limit" style of the whole country is too late for the radical industry, and the valve door industry has not been spared.

"The government speech in 2011 pointed out that energy saving targets were decomposed into industries, transportation, public institutions and other industries, and the key energy saving projects were continued, and the key energy consumption industries, such as chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and metallurgy, were bound to be linked with the valves. At the same time, the production mode of the valve industry generally has high energy consumption and low production value. With the release of large-scale energy saving and carbon reduction policy, the author does not dare to guess that the local government will take the "brake power limit" as the usual means in order to complete the "examination". In vain, but who can guarantee that the knife will not fall?

As an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, the valve industry plays a very important role. It covers oil, chemical, gas, metallurgy, machinery and equipment, water treatment, shipping, urban construction and environmental protection, paper, oil storage, oil refining and other important areas of the national economy and people's livelihood.

Although the valve door industry in China has realized the localization of the valves in the fields of large ships, rural sewage disposal and other major engineering equipment projects, such as large ships, rural sewage disposal, and so on, the valve industry in the west to the East transfer to the south to the North Water Diversion Project, and nuclear power, petrochemical, metallurgical, power stations, etc., there are still some differences in the manufacturing level compared with the national advanced level. Many key valves, such as high parameters, high temperature and high pressure, are still dependent on imports and are subject to foreign countries.

In 12th Five-Year, the central government emphasized the strategy of the localization of the major equipment manufacturing industry. In the short term, the major projects and key valves can be realized domestically or locally, making the valve manufacturing industry in the forefront of the world, which has brought a golden opportunity for the development of the valve manufacturing industry.

According to the economic newspaper, the plan for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in 12th Five-Year, drafted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and other departments, is already completed and is waiting for approval by the State Council. It is revealed that the national research has established the "equipment manufacturing industry revitalization law" to establish the coordination mechanism of trans regional, cross industry and cross departments of major technical equipment, formulate relevant policies of equipment manufacturing, organize and coordinate major technical equipment joint public relations, coordinate the implementation of support projects, and supervise the implementation of domestic projects. We should give full play to the role of trade associations, strengthen industry detection and information guidance, and guide enterprises to develop healthily.

At the same time, we should set up an innovation reward system for the research and development of major technical equipment, give appropriate R & D awards to the enterprises with the first (set) equipment for the development and use of the domestic independent innovation platform, and encourage Ping An company to carry out the first (set) safety business of the first (set) major technical equipment.

In addition, financial support should be strengthened. Increase the strength of entrance credit funds, support domestic enterprises to contract foreign projects, drive the entrance of complete sets of equipment and construction machinery, and encourage financial institutions to support the financing of entrance enterprises in various ways, such as insurance policy and entrance order mortgage.

At the same time, the national development and Reform Commission's energy conservation and environmental protection industry development plan (solicit draft) proposed that in 12th Five-Year, the country will add 200 thousand tons of sewage pipe network construction capacity, 90 million tons of sewage disposal scale, upgrade sewage disposal scale of 50 million tons, new sludge daily treatment capacity of 47 thousand tons; new coal burning electricity. The plant denitration facilities are 180 million kilowatts; pilot projects for heavy metal pollution control are carried out; support for the construction of a demonstration project of cleaner production.

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